Day 9 – Anjajavy: Rocco and Kingfish


Thursday, July 17, 2014


We did a couple of hotel activities today.

The first was a guided walk in the forest on a pathway called Chemin du crabes – Path of the crabs. Our guide was Franck.

We did it midday so less wildlife this time. We did see the very large hairy crab. We also saw a live ebony tree – quite black bark of course!

The path ends at a cave which contains the fossilized skull of a giant extinct lemur species called the paleo lemur. The Malagasy hunted it to extinction 600 years ago – it was one meter tall!

The highlight of the day for Christian, was the popper fishing trip. We took a motor boat out for quite a ways down the shore. Popper fishing means you cast out the line then reel it back in while jerking the lure – or “popping it” every few spins. We went with a Dutch man. Neither he nor I caught any fish in the hour or so we were out there but Christian caught two big ones! A Rocco fish, probably 20 lbs and a huge Kingfish – probably 30 lbs! Christian was psyched since he had been dreaming of catching a big fish ever since he heard that was an excursion option.

I on the other hand, being the clumsy one of the family, caused an incident where I was trying to cast the line but instead it swung back into the boat, hooking Christian in the chest! I was horrified and he was shocked. LUCKILY we were able to get it out no problem and it was a super minor wound. Franck had betadine and cleaned it.

On our way back we ran into Cedric and showed him the wound. He said, “ah it was his heart! You hooked him in the heart of course.” We laughed – it is kind of true. Right where you put your hand for the pledge of allegiance.

There was a lemur on our balcony again when we got back. I have noticed that they use this balcony as a right of way on their way to the other trees down the line. I think this was the loner lemur that Barney told

me about. Something happened and he has no clan. Sad! He have me a show by hopping along the balcony right in front of me.



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